Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Progress Report 1 - Laying the track

Track laying is now under way

Easter 2006 and, with a break in the wet weather, the first of the track has been laid.

As can be seen, some of the planting has begun to be established and a water-feature in the form of a small stream has been installed. This will be extended as time permits.

The track-bed has been completed (I ran out of funds last year) and swing-bridges have been constructed for the two access-points.

At present, it is raining yet again and hence track-laying is suspended. However, it is hoped that the first trains will be running by the middle of May 2006!

Watch this space!


Railfan said...

Very interesting. Did it take you long to remodel the garden?

GE Rik said...

About 18 months overall. Much of the earth-moving was done over one summar vacation period, but the rest had to be completed at odd weekends - such as laying the blocks and adding the sandstone cladding. Of course, it will never be finished.............