Monday, May 29, 2006

Progress Report 5 - Ballasting

This (Bank Holiday) weekend has seen completion of a number of unfinished jobs:

The siding in the main station has been laid
All rail joints have now been bonded
All visible track has been ballasted (the cement method)

A trip to Bay Models in Carnforth saw the purchase of the final point needed to complete the tracklaying in the storage yard, and the impulse buy of an Accucraft covered van (based on the Welshpool and Llanfair). Ultimately, the LGB stock from the starter set will be Anglicised - loosely based on the W&L.
Before the sidings in the storage yard are laid, I am trying to find a way of incorporating a microswitch into the point motor housing. LGB points are non-isolating, which means that all sidings will be live regardless of the way the points are set. The points could be converted to isolating by rewiring, but this would then rely on the blade making good contact - a potential headache for an outdoor line. The cost of over £15.00 (gbp) for the LGB accessory switch for their point motors seems excessive, particularly as the Aristocraft point motors include these as standard. Fortunately, the modification needed to incorporate a microswitch seems relatively straightforward. More details to follow.
(By the way, the blue plastic sheeting which can be seen in the photos is to protect the newly ballasted track from the rain. This is to avoid the cement from being washed out)

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