Sunday, September 02, 2007

Progress Report 10 - Minor Developments

This Summer has been very busy, and as a consequence there has been very little time for modelling (see Swiss Rail Tour blog). The garden has had very little attention, other than some tidying and odd bits of planting where gaps have appeared. However, the plants are beginning to become better established or in some cases, too well established, and the railway is blending well into its surroundings. A few general shots of the garden taken this afternoon will hopefully give you an impression of progress.
Taken from beside the through station (still as yet unnamed). In the centre background just behind the shrouded clothes line, is the bridge which takes the upper line over the lower. To the right is the loop around the patio.

Moving to the right, a view looking in the same direction from beside the patio. My (unsuccessful) attempt to model a viaduct can be seen in the centre. The plaster work has proved to be insufficiently durable for the climate of the NW of England!

The 'flyover' with the (unnamed) terminus station (and catflap) in the background.

The corner beside the lean-to, the approach to the terminus in the background (and coal store underneath)
Looking back from the same point, across the patio to the through station. I have no idea why the middle conifer decided to give up the ghost. It certainly won't have been through lack of water this summer!

At the back of the garden, looking towards the 'flyover'. The link for the reverse loop is just visible