Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Progress Report 30


No real progress since the last report. Owing to pressure of work, I've been unable to do much out in the garden and so, for about three weeks, the railway has luxuriated in neglect. I thought you might be interested in seeing how the undergrowth very quickly encroaches on the railway if left unchecked.

Despite the dry spell, the moss has been stubbornly clinging to the track. The 'Snow-in-Summer' has been trimmed a couple of times as it completely buried the track.
A little further up the line and Mind Your Own Business and gonw wild, completely smothering the track and its surroundings.
Further along the line, beside the hedge and violets have taken over, while some of the hedge clippings have died down and are waiting to be hoovered up.
Just round the corner, the hedge has filled the cutting leading to the road overbridge.
On the raised section, some of the hedging has grown across the tracks.
Further along the line, the Mind Your Own Business is invading and one of the hebes needs cutting back.