Friday, October 16, 2020

Progress Report 84

The weather has been quite unpredictable since the last Progress Report. We have actually had a few days of warm and sunny weather but also some very cold, wet and windy spells. In this time, I took the opportunity to visit North Wales for a few days with a couple of mates and do some hill-walking, primarily to prove to ourselves that despite our age and decrepitude, our bodies were still up to it! Whilst we appreciated the sunny weather which gave us some magnificent views across the mountain-tops, .....
... it meant I was unable to use the these drier days to run a few trains. However, I did spend some time in the workshop and also managed one full running session.



The Boneworks building is now, more or less (see How I constructed the Boneworks building), finished. 

Since the last progress report, I have finished off the painting and added 3D printed guttering and downspouts (see How I drew and 3D printed gutters and downspouts - pending).
The building is now becoming part of the landscape, though I have realised I will need to install lighting in the engine house to allow the beam engine to be seen.
I am also intending to add sound effects by using a small MP3 player with sound effects recorded from the real beam engine in the bone mill in Stoke on Trent on which my model is based (See Creating sound effects with small MP3 players - pending).

Rolling Stock

The luggage van for the railcar has now been finished off, painted and has entered service.
In addition, I have redrawn the components so all the additional detail, such as the strapping, hinges and door locking mechanism is part of the 3D printed components. 

I have also produced a 3D printed chassis, based on the dimensions of the Hartland Loco Works (HLW) chassis which forms the basis of many of my wagon builds.

HLW has now ceased trading and so it won't be long before stocks of their mini-series wagon chassis dries up. I can now run-off my own versions as and when I need them, either to replace wagon chassis which have become irreparably damaged. 


As indicated above, the September weather has been very changeable - which is not conducive to running a garden railway. Nothing is worse than clearing the track, an then setting out the buildings and rolling stock, only to find it starts pouring down with rain. I like to have at least two fine days in succession to ensure I have sufficient preparation time, running time and clearing-up time to enjoy a full operating session. I do run occasional trains in between full sessions but I don't find these anywhere as satisfying as running my railway as if it is the real thing.

 I have managed only one full operating session since the previous progress report. It gave me an opportunity to try out the boneworks at Bulkeley Station and to give the new luggage van a run on the rear of the ex-Clogher Valley railcar.