Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Progress Report 9 - Catching up

A few days' leave at Easter provided an opportunity to complete some outstanding jobs and and run some trains (I now have more than one!).

The platforms for both stations were cast in concrete (see 'How I made the Platforms')

Additions to the stock
A chance enquiry when visiting Bay Models resulted in the purchase of a refurbished LGB Zillertal 0-6-2 loco (22711) which means my loco roster has now reached its maximum for the intended timetable (a passenger train, a mixed train and a goods train).

[Update November 2017]  Ten years ago, three locos seemed like a reasonable maximum - I now have fifteen locos - and plan to make at least another two ....... strange how ambitions change!

More plants
A few more plants have been added:
  • three more dwarf conifers
  • a hebe
  • a couple of heathers
  • some alpines
  • yet another lavender (I keep losing these)

Some ballasting
Some of the cement-based ballast (See Ballasting the track) had been laid during a heatwave and as a consequence it had dried out too quickly. An opportunity was taken to relay some of this using a stronger mix (2 parts sand + 2 parts gravel + 1 part cement).

Cleaning out the stream
The first time the stream was run it quickly ran short of water. When cleaning the pump filter, I noticed that the soil beside the sump was getting waterlogged. It seems I had cut the pond liner used for the stream too short and hence some water was not finding its way back into the sump. It's surprising how quickly a tiny trickle of water seeping from the system lowers the water supply! A strategically-placed piece of plastic cut from a water bottle now steers the water where it needs to go - it is conveniently hidden under the lip of the slab which acts as a spillway into the sump.

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