Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2011 Photocall

The following pictures give a flavour of the sorts of trains I run on the railway.

Barclay 2-4-0 , No. 2 - Beeston hauling the first passenger train of the day, about to depart Beeston Market station.

The down mod-morning passenger passing the copper mine sidings on its way from Beeston Market to Beeston Castle.

The same train between Peckforton and Bulkeley while Fowler diesel mechanical No. 7 Tollemache hauls a train of full tippler wagons towards Beeston Market station (they are about to traverse the same stretch of line which is used twice to complete the journey - see animated plan of the line)

At the same location, the afternoon up pickup goods, hauled by Pecket No. 1 Peckforton, travels the line between Bickerton and Bulkeley while the down passenger approaches Beeston Castle.

The down passenger about to depart Bulkeley station.
 The up passenger between Beeston Castle and Beeston Market

 The mid afternoon down passenger pauses at Peckforton station, passing the pickup goods returning to Beeston Market.

 The evening down passenger passes the last ore train of the day at Beeston Market. The workman's coach is transporting the mine workers back to their homes after a day's work.

In the early morning light, No 7 Tollemache diesel mechanical hauls a train of empties towards the copper mine between Peckforton and Bulkeley.

 The mid afternoon up passenger about to depart Bickerton, to be followed by the up pickup goods.

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