Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Introduction to the blog


This blog describes ongoing progress in the development of a G gauge Garden Railway from its inception to the present day.

NEW - Loco No.1 gets sound

When I became interested in building my own garden railway I spent a considerable amount of time (and money) on books, videos, DVDs and scouring the internet for information, ideas and inspiration. When I eventually started construction I used some of the ideas I had discovered, but also experimented with my own approaches. This blog outlines how I have gone about constructing my own garden railway. My aim is to provide the sort of information I was looking for when I was getting started and also to share what I've learned (or 'borrowed' from others). I've tried to include a few 'How I ........' postings interspersed with occasional 'Progress Reports'. I do not profess to be any kind of expert - what I offer here is an opportunity for you to metaphorically look over my shoulder to see how I have gone (and am going) about this fascinating hobby.

As this is a blog, the various posts are presented in reverse chronological order (ie the most recent first). To see a categorised list of contents go to the Blog Contents Page.

If you are thinking about building your own garden railway then why not join the 16mm Association or the G Scale Society - you'll get plenty more advice and opportunities to visit other peoples' garden railways
. Alternatively, browse through the G Scale Central website - there's plenty more guidance here and an opportunity to sound out the views of others through the G Scale Central discussion forum.

The Blog

The advantages of blogging are that it is immediate and uncomplicated when creating and uploading information. The other, of course, is that with Blogger it is free. The major disadvantage is that I have minimal control over how the postings are presented. The blogging system adds the most recent information to the start of the blog, hence the postings appear in reverse chronological order (most recent first, oldest last). Whilst there is a list of postings on the right hand side, it's not particularly easy to see what is there. This introduction is an attempt to provide you with a contents list of the postings organised into categories so, hopefully, you see if what you are looking for is presented in this blog. To ensure that it always appears at the start of the blog, I update its content and set its presentation date into the future each time I add a new posting.

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Chris Brown said...

Have just found your blog, through searching after a rumour of LGB wye points.
Fascinating. I'm on my seecond garden ralway, (the first a tiny courtyard one)
Very interesting to see your similar and different thoughts to mine on design, problem-solving...
I've just put my first-ever video on you tube.

Best wishes.

GE Rik said...

Thanks Chris
Not heard the same rumour - might be worth posting a question on the G Scale Mad forum to see if anyone else has. Piko appear to produce one but as yet I've not found a stockist with the whole range listed (I think Gaugemaster are the main importer). If I hear anything I'll email you.


James Willmus said...

I read that you have put a link to my blog JJWtrains and it took me a little while to find your blog. But i have added a link to your blog on my garden railroading article. Thanks!!
--James Willmus

James Willmus said...

Hey, its JJW from JJWtrains. just wanted you to know that I added a link from my new blog at: http://smokeytimberlogging.blogspot.com/ to yours. i hope that you do the same as I want to get word out. Thanks in advance.

GE Rik said...

Hi James
Just posted a link to your blog on my 'Where did I get my Ideas from?" page. I also follow you on Youtube BTW.

Javier Rodríguez Fernández de Tejada said...

I liked blog. I will have written everything to learn from their experience. I have included in my list of favorite blogs:


A greeting,

Ge Rik said...

Thanks Javier. I will take a look at your blog.

John Scott said...


I have been enjoying your blog since I got back into trains last October 2017.
I ran across your videos during a google search session for G scale railways.
I really love your style of taking them, like a rail fan would chasing a real railway. Sometimes while working on a project I will just start your videos running. Very relaxing. Especially when I was building the yard turnouts, it was getting hard to keep going. So I'd stop and watch one of your running sessions. Then get back to it.
I like your blog format so much that I started one and hope you don't mind me following your example. The information in your posts is very well organized, helpful and very encouraging. I WILL be using a lot of your techniques.
I wish to pass on the same to others.
Keep those great videos and post coming.

Ge Rik said...

Thanks for the feedback. Glad you like the blog and the videos. It's encouraging to hear someone enjoys my scribblings and videos. And thanks for the great compliment by wanting to emulate my blog with your own. Really like the look of your railway already. Will folliw developments with interest. Those coaches look very similar to Jackson Sharps. No doubt you could bash some if you're not into scratchbuilding.


John Scott said...

Hi Rik,
In my report no.3 and 4 you can see my pair I bashed from the Bachmann Jackson Sharp cars. Cut the end off, removed 2 windows each side, cut a section out of the roof, and cut the underframe in 4 places to realign the brake lines/gear. Guess I'll have to do a video on another pair I have, though there was only the two used on the branch. They are still in the roundhouse today 5 miles from here, used for movie work only.
PS I have one of those 2 axle cars you just converted, too bad it cost $30.00+ USD to ship it.

Ge Rik said...

Hi John.
I should have read further. All the best with future bashes and builds.