Wednesday, March 18, 2020

How I cast a sheep load in plaster for a wagon

Having recently constructed an open topped cattle wagon from an IP Engineering kit and repainted a secondhand Tralee & Dingle open topped cattle wagon in PLR livery, I decided to give them both sheep loads. I bought six sheep from Motley Miniatures for £20 and six 3D printed sheep from DesignPrintScan3D for £21 and duly loaded them into the wagons, using the bristles from a yard broom as bedding straw. To me, they looked acceptable, however ........

..... someone more knowledgeable of these things than me, pointed-out that in reality, when sheep were loaded into wagons they were crammed in tightly to help ensure that none could fall over and get trampled on. So, I was faced with a problem. I worked-out that I would need at least 20 sheep per wagon to fill them - which would cost around £120 in total. Considering the wagons only cost around £50 for the pair, this seemed somewhat extravagant to my penny-pinching mentality. So, how could I fill them more cost effectively?

In the light of information which has been presented to me, I have had to remove the rest of this blog post. I am in the process of rewriting it - please come back later


tradgardmastare said...

Very effective solution to your sheep problem.

Frédéric said...

...back in the present!

Rik, I'm stunned by the amount of material that you've posted here since 2006. Took me almost two months to comb through it. I've bookmarked at dozen posts for future reference, especially concerning the construction of structures.

I really do hope that you keep safe in the coming months. And I'm looking forward to all the intriguing projects, you're surely going to pursue this year.

Best wishes,


GE Rik said...

Thanks Frédéric
I think you deserve a medal for battling your way through my blog. I am really pleased that you managed to find something useful. My hope is that you use my ideas as a starting point for something even better. I would be interested in hearing about your model making