Monday, June 22, 2009

How I skewed the LGB truss bridge

In addition to the large 'bridges' which span access to the patio and the sheds, I have two smaller bridges, one across the stream and one taking the upper section of the line over the lower. Both these bridges are skewed, in that the stream and the lower line are crossed at an angle. Both these bridges are simple (and cheap) LGB truss bridges which have been modified slightly (you could say 'bodged') into skew bridges. A ten minute job:

Firstly, the bridge as taken from the box.

Next, the bridge is sawn in half, following a joint between two planks on the bridge deck.

The two halves are then slotted-in beneath the tracks (very handy if ever you need to replace a bridge without having to remove the tracks).

Because this bridge needs to accommodate a point leading into Beeston Castle station, I widened it by cutting a strip of planking from a broken bridge I had available. A strip of Plasticard could be used if you don't have a spare bridge to hand.

The stream bridge was also widened in the same way, as the track curves to one end of the bridge.

At present, I have not glued the extra planking in place, in case I need to remove the bridges for maintenance. However, this can soon be remedied with some liquid polystyrene cement.

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