Monday, June 22, 2009

Progress Report 20 - Coaching stock developments

I have just taken delivery of two Pickering coaches from Accucraft - which are quite magnificent. At some point in the future I will have to decide on the livery for the coaching stock, but for now they will have to remain in GWR colours - I haven't the heart (or possibly the courage or skills) to repaint them.

Prior to their arrival, I was running two Bachmann WP & YR observation cars and a baggage car as a temporary measure. My thinking was that one day I would 'bash' these into something resembling Pickering coaches - at least they had the correct bogies. These will now go the way of all redundant stock (via eBay).
Prior to the observation cars coming on to the scene, I made do with the two four wheel balcony coaches which came with the original LGB Starter Set. They saw good service but I decided they were too 'continental' to be anglicised and so had to go.

I have actually got three four-compartment coach kits on order from Maddison Coaches. The plan is to construct these over the summer holidays to have two distinct sorts of passenger trains available - which is, of course, more than the Welshpool and Llanfair had in its former life.

Update - June 2013

 Eventually, I decided to sell the W&LLR coaches as they fouled the platforms and I did not want to modify them to be able to run on the railway. The Maddison coaches were constructed (see How I constructed a rake of coaches from kits). Maddison coaches are now no longer available.

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